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Sales and tender documents

The successful writing and presentation of tenders and sales proposals is a crucial element to any successful business development strategy.  A well-written, professionally laid out bespoke document that has been expertly designed and presented makes your company stand out from the crowd.  

Here at Tiga, we can support your Sales Team in the production and presentation of Sales Proposals making the end result appealing to the eye, easy to read, grammatically correct with a layout and cover design to provide the ‘wow’ factor. 

As there is usually more than one person contributing to a proposal, each with a different writing style and layout preferences. This can make a document difficult to read and unappealing to the eye. However, Tiga provides an editing service which will ensure that the whole of your document is produced in a preferred writing style, well punctuated and grammatically correct.   

Add to this a bespoke, well designed, hand made branded binder and presentation box / slip case and it’s easy to see why companies spend money fine tuning their documents to bring them to the top of the pile.

A good tender or proposal should:
  • Attract attention
  • Project a strong, positive company image
  • Provide a thorough background of your Company
  • Include all requested information
  • Be concise, easy to read & understand 
  • Effectively sell your services / products
  • Provide a thorough background of your Company
  • Include a call to action & relevant contact information
If your Company produces sales documents of any size, we can help you to make them professional, interesting and relevant to your prospect.

Tiga’s finishing services are second to none. We will provide you with design concepts and ideas for special binding using materials relevant to your proposal. Your company may wish to outsource the whole finishing process including editing, design and layout, print and finishing or one specific aspect of the process. 

The document:
You supply approved copy and the Tiga Team will professionally edit and index the document.  Professional design and layout with bespoke tabbed dividers leaves the document ready for finishing.  

Professional Presentation:
Bespoke, hand made binder and a design running across a number of presentation options to create a professional suite of bespoke sales materials.   

The End Product:
Boxed in a specially produced presentation box or slip case your Response to Tender is ready to deliver to your prospective client.
                                                               …and it may not be as expensive as you think!

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